We will endeavour to assist you in the buying stage to make it as smooth as possible.


First step: Prepare your budget:- in addition to the agreed price additional disbursements are usually:-

Property Transfer Tax: 8-15% for Re-sale

IVA (VAT): 10% for New Build NOT in addition to above PTT

Legal Costs: 1-2%. For Title Deeds search, Land Registry and other relevant searches to confirm good title ,relevant planning permissions and other legal requirements have been obtained.we can refer you to English speaking notaries of good standing who are contractually obliged to act in your best interests.

NIE Certificate: Obligatory for none Spanish residents. Can be obtained without the need for your physical presence. Original or Certified Copies of Passport and Proof of Address will be required.

Spanish Bank Account: May be done simultaneously with NIE application using same documentation some Banks may ask you to pop in to a local Branch whenever you are over.

Mortgages: Interest rates in Spain are at a historic low.Are usually fixed for the term of the loan. 25-30% deposit usually required. Can be arranged by one our our highly trained professional English speaking partners in Spain making the whole process relatively straightforward.

Now you have a good idea of costs and process and you are ready, have found your property and your offer is accepted. You will be required to pay a deposit of approx €3000.At this point you and the seller have entered into a legally binding contract.The process then moves to completion and you are handed the Keys to your investment home in the Sun.

This is not an exhaustive list, we are happy to answer your queries 24/7 by phone or email. We have qualified Financial Advisers in the UK on hand to assist you if required.