Selling With Hunter Properties

It is advisable to initially ensure the property is unencumbered from outstanding Taxes, community, utility or any other debts. Have ready all documents like Title Deeds and receipts for all cleared bills typical disbursements as follows:-

Retencion. 5%: If you are not officially resident in Spain , this is usually retained by buyers Solicitors to cover any outstanding Taxes or bills. Reclaimable if none outstanding.

Capital Gains tax: 19-23% on difference between purchase and sale price for 2018 dependent on value. Payable on net Gain, that is after deductions of all fee`s and taxes.

Energy Certificate: €100-300.

Agency Fee; Variable,further details upon request.

We have tried to be as comprehensive as we can. There may be other relatively small regional variables.

While the current selling market may be below its 2007 highs, this is partly offset by Sterling depreciation. if you purchased during the low period you may benefit even more meaning you get more pounds for your Euro`s.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have 24/7 by phone or email.